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  1. (PCEA )A Church seemingly Under God’s Curse and Judgment
  2. The two apostolic Churches under God’s curse and judgment
  3. Is the PCEA Church any better?
  4. Has the PCEA Church lived up to it’s calling?
  5. PCEA Church should count the loss
  6. God’s past warning to the PCEA Church upon its wrong spiritual path
  7. PCEA Church drawn swords against god’s messengers
  8. The controversy over the satanic symbols at PCEA Sigona Church
  9. The beginning of the controversy over symbols in Sigona Church
  10. Churches are defiled through the satanic symbols
  11. The impact of masonic symbols in sanctuaries
  12. The magnificent Church buildings
  13. Symbols as contact objects of evil power
  14. Defilement of the altar area
  15. The occultic Church gifts and donations
  16. The occultic bright colors
  17. God’s purpose in revealing idols presence in Church building
  18. The rapid increase of homosexuality in the PCEA Church
  19. A call to PCEA Church to form a commission on devil worship
  20. The purpose behind raising the motions concerning homosexuals and devil worship in PCEA Church
  21. PCEA and the Holy Communion bread
  22. Manipulation of my retirement
  23. PCEA Church is undergoing paganization
  24. I got blocked from the pcea church teaching services
  25. Consequences of idolatry in the church
  26. Missinaries were as well freemasons / illuminati
  27. PCEA financial curse
  28. The worldwide presbyterian church original call
  29. PCEA is no longer a force to reckon with in the nation
  30. Conditions for the pcea church way forward
  31. Ignorance of truth has no way of escape
  32. Conclusion.
Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA)
A Church seemingly under God's curse and Judgment
Churches are defiled through the satanic symbols

In what  I have stated above, I have focused on Sigona as an example to show how much idols are valued and therefore protected in the PCEA Church, otherwise, 90% of the church buildings carry occultic idols presented as decorations or a good art but again, 95% of the church leaders and members have no knowledge on the spiritual negativity and defilement these symbols cause to the church environment. This act of Satanism is carried out by a small percentage of the church members who know what the symbols  stand for. There are also some churches where none of the church members are aware of what these symbols stand for but some among them will be at arms to attack anyone who dares suggest they be removed. But those people who know the truth behind these symbols will at the same time claim to be genuine church members yet, they are initiated members of the New Age Movement and the Freemasons/Illuminati. Such are planted in the church by the Occults to cause defilement. The genuine Christians hardly recognize them as many of these people would even claim to be born again. It is in this regard that the two Christian scholars, Ankerberg and Weldon in their book, The Secret Teachings of the Masonic Lodge: A Christian  Perspective, says, “ Christians …have little knowledge of masonry and little understanding of its implications or of how deeply unchristian it is…the very reason that Masonry continue to find an influence within the church is Christian ignorance and not just its claim” ( p76). Further, Ankerberg and Weldon says, “ Masonry has infiltrated the church in ways that otherwise would have not been possible” ( p44). Their main avenue of defiling the church is by entrenching Satanically dedicated symbols, images, art and signs disguising them as decorations. Texe Marrs a Freemason/ Illuminati converted to Christianity, in his book, Mystery Mark of the New Age,  says that “ Such symbols scar and disfigure the mind.”  In the same note, Rebecca Brown in her book, Prepare for War,  says, “ Churches are very often the target of occultists. Unfortunately, too many pastors assume that they don’t have to bother about such things… They reason that God will take care of such things. The devil schemes around the mind of church leaders and Christians so that they remain blind to the schemes of the devil. Their eyes are deceitfully blindened. Some will even rise against those people who dare to point at these altars” (p104). Hear what another convert from Freemason/Illuminati and widely known preacher, Rev Charles Finney shares with us in his book, The character claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry, and whereby he says, “ Upon reflection and examination and after severe struggle and earnest prayer, I found that I could not consistently remain with them….I came to the deliberate conclusion…that the institution was in no respect what I had been informed it was….the institution is highly dangerous…to the church of Christ” ((p212,213). Finney conclusively calls upon the church to wake up saying, “  It is high time that the church of Christ was awake to the character and tendency of freemason…freemasonry has…extended its bounds most alarmingly…I know something about it, for I have been a freemason” ( p211). We hear the same concern from Pope Leo X111 who is said to have “ warned Christians that the Masonic agenda calls for uprooting of the religious…of the world and he gave a stern warning to Catholics about “ this dangerous enemy”. He further reminded the Christians that “ Christianity and Freemasonry are fundamentally irreconcilable and that “ The sole reason for the existence of freemasonry is to wage war against God and his church”( Sunday Standard August 23,1998). The Pope talks of Freemasons/Illuminati “ waging war” against the church. How then do they wage war? One of their main avenue in waging war to the church is through the defilement of the church building by installing dedicated idols in form of symbols, images, art, etc. Yvionne Kitchen in the book, Freemasonry: Death in the Family, affirms this when he states Architecture is a huge idol within freemasonry… freemasonry is determined by building churches, the freemasonry take the opportunity to promote the ancient gods into the sanctuaries. In their understanding, the so called Christian churches are not Christian churches but temples of the ancient gods  whom they unsuspectively represent with images, signs and symbols”. Yvionne further says  “The foundation of freemason is Babylonian and Egyptian witchcraft..Baal worship carries many spirits of immorality, violence and corruption”. Speaking on the Babylonian and Egyptian contribution to the New Age and Freemasonry/Illuminati church defilement, Jonathan Black in his book, The Secret History of the World (2007), explains the fact that the occultic  stained glasses that are found in the church buildings  originated in Babylon, today Iraq/Iran. Thus he says The stained glass…appeared first in Iran/Iraq. The extra ordinary, luminescent glass of charters was manufactured by medieval alchemical adepts who had learned the secrets…used no chemical pigmentation but a separation of the volatile spirits of metals..also unearthed in Egypt…not for nothing has charters cathedrals been crucible for the transformation of humanity” ((p246). In further elaboration on this truth, Peter Ndakwe in his book, Masonic Secrets And Rituals Exposed, tells us that these Satanic symbolism in defiling the temple goes back to many centuries and the fact that Freemasons/Illuminati claim to be The custodian  and depository of  the  great philosophical and religious truths, unknown to the world at large, and handed down from age to age by an unbroken current tradition, Embodied in symbols, Emblems and allegories”  (p74). It is through this secret demonization of the church buildings that the Western Churches are already spiritually falling apart. Over the years most of the New Agers and the Freemasonry have worked their way to take key positions in the churches and in that way they had the upper hand in manipulating the church spirituality. No wonder a situation has come where homosexuality and same sex marriage is being advocated in the church and the Bible is being treated like just another collection of ancient stories. A great fight will always crop out if any people in a given congregation would suggest that the symbols be removed. Try this and you will see the truth in this statement. Otherwise, if the symbols did  not stand for anything, why the quarrel that erupts when there is an attempt to remove them, why take me to the court of law when I exposed the the evil behind the symbols at PCEA Sigona Church and replacing me with another minister as a way of protecting the symbols? Why should I be retired earlier than the retiring time and stripped all financial gains if the symbolism in the church is so innocent? The question is: would you continue living in a house where you are told a very poisonous snake has its habitation?  Would you rather not make every effort even if it means  great sacrifice to have the snake ejected out or you leave that house?

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